my simple small world
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2002-09-08 02:34:37 (UTC)

* PHUCKING annoyed

my stepdad is fucking drunk...
and he's stumbling around the house annoying the living
fuck out of me......(and there is alot of living fuck
there, and it doesn't leave easily)
and he is still drinking...
it's gonna take all my energy not to fucking hit him in the
face, and if he touches my mom I'm gonna go balistic on his
he's been drinking the past two days....and he can't even
talk right.
that's sick....I think if your big enough to drink, you
should be big enough to have limits....
he needs to stop using....
he needs to stop drinking...
he's ripping this house apart......
planning to go to WV tonite......
that should be fun....(ah, not)
I wanna go to south carolina REALLY fucking bad....
not being there is killing me.