A Day in the Life of Me
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2002-09-08 01:02:48 (UTC)

why so woe?

So many people say woe is me and so many people have
reasons that they're sad. Why do mine always seem to be the
dumbest reasons? Missing someone can make you melancholy
but it shouldn't make you both down and out. It sucks to be
both at the same time.
Those days when everything seems to be everyone elses way
but your own and you just want to wake up someone else
tomorrow. You don't want to walk around yourself anymore;
don't want to crawl out of bed only to get up and look in
the morrow at that same ugly mug that pretends to be so
happy and so full of love and joy and compassion. All you
want to see is what's really going on inside. You want to
throw the mask of Suzy Sunshine in the dumpster and let
people see who you truly are.
It is okay to be a little downhearted. It's normal to
become angry. Everyone has seen better days. It's too easy
to hide becuase I've been hiding forever. I'm sick of
living under a rock. I'm tired of feeling like the lizard
that's darting constantly because people will be disgusted
by him. I don't want to be the snake trapped in his cage
Someday I want to be set free. I want to be able to cry
when everything is wrong. I want to be able to let the
tears fall down like rain and be sad and not care. I want
to be strong but be able to let everything out and let it
all go and let me be. I want to be fine with winning a
little, loosing a little, and always having the blues a
little. But life is tough and we don't always get what we
want now do we....