2001-07-21 05:03:33 (UTC)

Observations of an Elf

to the audience of my envy

Here is a creature full of myth. Able to induce peopel into
doing whatever she wishes. She is gifted with beauty and
talent. Smarts, wit. She is everythign that I had always
drempt I wanted to be.

The elf is still a creature. It to has it flaws and as it
grows it seems not to improve. It is my pleasure and pain
to have gotten close to his untouchable creature. I have
seen past the glory that it show to others. The elf has a
fult all it's own. It has made a point to becoem
untouchable by others so as not to be harmed. Keeping it's
distance has casued it to harm itself. It's own appearence
seems to be an open book but it keeps it's true feelings

The elf must learn to trust and to give back what people
give to it in order to become a complete man. It seems to
have found someone to trust, but in the process of giveing
and takeing from this one it has forgotten others who have
always stood by it in the past.

It is understandable that a creature presented with it's
way to manhood would forget all past encounters but thsi
has only added a new step in the ladder. By stepping on
those who would only do it good it hurts not only them but
it's own soul. I can only hope that deep down inside it
knows that it can ot forget these in the past. I cna only
hope that they don't give up on it. I do not have the
strength myself to ever let it know my feelings or the pain
ig gives me everytime it makes clear that I am not
inportant to it, but not everyone is as week will3ed as I
am when it comes to this creature.

from the stage
yours to step on

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