Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2002-09-07 23:00:07 (UTC)


This is it. This is exactly it. I can't do this. The
crises and the next crises and the conflicting desires and
the confusion and the dreams and the feelings and everyone
else and the overload the overflow the chaotic mix of
people and emotion and that void always that void they're
trying to fill their voids and I can't be a plufg I'm not a
plug I'mnot a sponge I'm not the universe I'm not the numb
coldness I pretended to be once upon a time when I was a
not so little girl and this young woman crept up on me and
my hands my hands and those nail even thought they're
comeing off and it's the maintenance always the maintenance
it's crazy and I can't do it and I am sick of other
people's promlems but I love them I love them I love him.

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