~ * Love Conquers All * ~
2002-09-07 22:19:57 (UTC)

Good Bye Bryant Hello Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey i dumped bryant cause he didnt talk to me all summer
or in school and he reason was i dunno? so Good Bye and
now i love morgan he WAS nice and just straight out HOT!!!
and i called and asked him out and he said no because he
dont feel like it but he said probley later on in the year.
But at the football game last night he was walkin around
and of course he caught my eye and christina goes you like
morgan shes like im gonna ask him out for u and i said dont
ask him out again im startin to get on his nervs can u
guess what she did? good guess she asked him out anyway and
then he said no (big suprise) anyway he starts walkin wit
his arms around christina and she goes hey danielle r u
jelous? i ran off im so mad at that back
stabbin .......well you know. so later i went up to him and
i said if you wanted to say no you could of just said no!im
so mad i honestly liked morgan for awhile but hes always
had a girl friend.i just wished he would go out wit me! im
sorry if is feeling hurt for what ever reason
but he dosent need to hurt me!i want to call him and give
him this site and then have him read this to show how i
feel but i dont have the guts.. :( i wish he would jus read
it!! i am so depressed and lonely!!!


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