2001-07-21 04:32:41 (UTC)

Observations of a Sloth

to the audience of my stupidity

The sloth if a creature of habit. it somehow enchants those
who see it and feed off their love. When it has it's fill
it moves on but strings them along jsut in case. It often
moves back to old food when newer sources dry up.
It fills it'self with slef pity and is unable to find
happyness with itself, it's family or a loved one.

Here too is a creature that appears to be unable to please
itself. But this I have found to be a plow. It is my
observation that it knows it's worth and to make itself
more valueable it plays the porr lost soul who needs help.
It feeds on the attention. It is not happy with the love
of jsut one it must be loved by all who it sees worth being
loved by. If love is given to easy then the challange is
gone and it moves on. This creature is not content becasue
it lives a lie and is traped by it's never ending hunger
for attention.

Oonly whne this creature gives up it's need to be the onje
and only end to all ends will it settle down and becoem a
man. I dont' see this happeing soon. to many fall for the
act and fuel it's hunger. I myself have fallen before but
it was only in that fall that I've seen the true nature of
the beast

from the stage
yours to forget