enigmatic contemplation
2002-09-07 21:40:52 (UTC)

been too long.

Well my little obsession sort of faded out. I havent spoken
to him in months. I am not feeling very well today. I am
tired and J is being a complete ass. I guess i will spend
the night at home with mr. blockbuster. I went to see XXX
last nite. I almost c@6e on myself watching that movie. I
am so infatuated with Vin. I would give my right foot just
for one night with that man. ::: shivers:::

I thought i might be carrying life for the past two weeks
but then that horrible monthly curse arrived and im in the
clear i guess. I had a long day at work today. I cant wait
to get a regular 9-5 mon-fri type job. I hate working
weekends. Damn i guess this has just been a major bitch
session. Sorry, i guess i just needed this.