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2002-09-07 20:45:33 (UTC)

last nite-slc punks

well, yesterday i went out to lunch with beth, she was back
for the weekend. we went to my school for a little while
and ran into steve, anthony, kayla and some of their
friends. anthony reminded me that they were going to be
playing "SLC Punks" in the dorm lounge at 8 and asked said
he had called me like 8 times earlier in the day to remind
me. so he asked if i was gonna go & i said i didnt think
so, (i didnt feel like hanging out with him, but didnt say
that...b/c it would be mean) anyway, steve was like come on
man, i dont have many friends in the dorms anymore, and i
want you to go. well i felt kinda bad then, and figured i
had nothing to do anyway so i would go. so i told kayla i
would pick her up from work at 6 and then we could head
over to the school...becuase i didnt feel like going there
alone and trying to find all of them. so i picked her up,
and we hung out at her house for a while and then went to
the school. we hung out in abe's room for a while and then
went and watched the movie. it was a great movie....ok,
well i dont know that i should call it a movie....there
isnt a plot, or climax, or suspenseful part or anything,
theres really not a big point to the movie. but i still
enjoyed it a lot. mathew lilliard was great in it so were
the other actors...and i may add, matthew lilliard is even
hotter when he looks like a punk.
After the movie we went and hung out in Abes room again,
it was me, kayla, steve, anthony, abe, vernon and a couple
other people i didnt know. we hung out for a while, and
watched Scary movie 2(kinda dumb..but something to do)
anyway abe was nice and so was everyone else. i had fun , i
am glad i didnt sit at home. anthony kinda annoyed me
though, he knows i hate when he stares at me so he kept
doing it and he wouldnt leave me alone, but over all it was
a good nite. i hope there are more fun nights to come...i
am so much less depressed when i dont have to sit home and
over think everything. well, i have some homework to, fun, well at least i am not putting it all off to
the last minute :)
oh, and steve said i could ride with him to the Bleeding
Through show next weekend, and him and anthony (and chris
might come down too) are riding with me to the hatebreed
show the weekend after that. so those are 2 things im
definatly looking forward to.

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