My Personal struggle
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2001-07-21 04:17:21 (UTC)

Pack up the car we are on holidays

WEll this is it we have just had our first holiday and it
was wonderful. STewart Emma and I have been away for three
weeks and I loved every minute of it, we saw the most
breathtaking country side, and visited so much , i can
honestly say it was the best holiday i have had.
Emma ans stewart got on so well , I was a little worried
about them, but i shouldnt have been.

This holiday was fantastic, it made me realise how much i
Love stewart.

I feel in love with the breathtaking sights the wonderful
rainforests, the beautiful cliff faces and oceans, and the
wonderful waterfalls, even though i struggled to walk to
some of them, I must do something about my wieght

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