Hobbes' Diary
2002-09-07 20:27:05 (UTC)

and things go on...

and on, and on, and on... hah. things with britton are on
hold right now. i feel tons better. just some things get
way too strange, way too quick. whadaya think? anywho,
i've created a masterplan to take over the world. i'm
gunna steal everybody's booty and rid this earth of old
ppl! mwhahaha! we'll start with the old people at wal-
mart. hah. then progress to kroger and sams. "chaos shall
reign supreme!" -butters i think i sound a little strange.
maybe a little high...perhaps...*strokes beard* *realizes
that she doesn't have a beard* o god. i feel so much
better! bwee!! talk to me people! lemme know whatcha
think!! :D

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