Life Sux Then You Die
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2001-07-21 04:07:33 (UTC)

Day: 5 (Its been awhile)

I think having a diary helps you control your telling a good friend an intimate secret.
Well...this is a public diary so its hard to tell you what
I feel...I usually don't tell people about how I feel...
Sometimes I get really sad and act happy....The one thing I
do show is anger... I show compassion.... I cried for my
aunt's dog, Dixie. She is almost 3 years(i don't know her
age..its somewhere around there) and she is a labrador
(spelling). She is suppose to be about up to an average
person's knee. She is itty bitty. She is really thin and
has really bloody ears... I cried and cleaned her ears for
there was dirt and mosquitos/gnats/flies swarming around
them. I looked over to behind their truck...and there were
her dishes... Bone Dry... Her water bowl was caked in
mud... My little cousin(4 years old) came up to me and
asked why I was crying.. I told her... I asked her whens
the last time this dog had water...she said yesterday
morning... I walked inside, and washed the bowl out. I
putfresh water in it and gave it to her. She wouldn't take
it at first. So I dipped my hand in the water and let her
drink from my hand. My older sister claimed that when we
were leaving she started drinking on her own. My Aunt is
deciding to give her to the Humane Society. My uncle...(i
hate to call him that...long story) He rather keep her...My
aunt is doing the right thing by giving her to a home that
will care for her...She even said herself that she can't
take care of animals... I will tell you about "Uncle" Casey
in another entry...