This is mine
2002-09-07 18:36:05 (UTC)

daws+eric= the end of the world

arggggggh! theres this kid who dawson likes and he is the
stupidest thing on earth!!! seriously, he mustve failed or
something cuz theres no way he could pass even
kindergarten! and its not like he has an actual mental
problem he's just an idiot. and dawson actually likes him.
dawson, the dont believe in love, hates males girl. i cant
believe it!! and she says he's sweet to her but ive seen
her talk to him. she only talks to him online, which is
very wrong. it could be a 44 year old truck driving
molester on his sn. whatever i say she wont listen. and now
she wont tell me the truth about him (whether she likes him
or not... which i know she does but she wont tell me)and it
sucks major time... and ik i should accept she likes him
but... well you need to know both dawson and eric to know
what i mean. urrrrgh this is getting thicker and deeper...

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