Sporty Tomboy

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2001-07-21 03:54:56 (UTC)


People are so niave sometimes... I was telling this guy
online who wanted to cyber I said I am married to MARK HOPPUS! he
just didn't understand at all. It made me madd I'm like
he's only in the greatest band of all time!!
People think I am obsessed with Blink 182 just cuz it's
the only band i listen to... I just LOVE them they're soo
damn good!!
Well... in libbalicious life I went on vacation to the
Hedges so relaxing I think I'm gonna live there when I'm
older and be a tour guide and lead people in mountain
climbing and rock climbing and all that awesome stuff!! it
would be the best job of my life cuz im into all that COOL
I climbed Blue Mountain!! It was the best thing I have
ever done in my life! It was the coolest hiking thing hehe.
there were all these long flat rocks on steep hills with no
cracks to hold on to to keep your balance so i relied on my
friction trick with my feet since i forgot my hiking boots
*smacks head* well it was GREAT all these rocks and the
climbingness... when we came down we got to tell all the
climbers advice on how to get to the top lol. I felt soo
coolsies when these people older then me and more fit came
down they couldn't make it to the top and i did i was like
HELL YES! It was great so I felt all special :) Anyways...
My dad bro and I have a 10 year plan we gonna climb 46
mountains all the adirondack peaks in the
next 10 years I'm soo excited! we get to do overnites where
we camp out in the middle of climbing some are so high! One
peak we have to hike 20 miles just to get to the mountain!
YAY! I'm so damn excited :)
Well... the Hedges have changed since I was little. They
have new Southern owners and are *improving* the place more
like making it more snooty so i seeing more preppy people
there instead of the coolsies down to earth people I love.
well its fun glaring at the preppys haha! and playing my
blink while they give me dirty looks yah fuck you too haha
i dont care what people think :)
but man i missed my people! especially MY CREW! yay
ashley and i are gonna buy mr. p shirts tomorrow i'm so
excited i haven't seen her in so long i've missed yelhsa!!
I talked to Mr. P today toos and I was sooo happy I missed
you two!!!!!!!!!!!!! *BIG HUGS* I just wanted to run over
to their houses and give them big hugs cuz i'm finally here
to see ya again guys I love ya and thanks for always being
here you guys ROCK!! can't wait for our concert we gonna
rock and embarrass the people ;) haha it will be soo
Well I am talking to Muffin, my sister MARY (to clear ups the
confusion from befores) Matt, Matt (wow 3 matt's must be my matt
nite ;)), Greg and Katrina online nows! Yay more people
I love! Thanx people i love you toosies! You guys rock thanx for
being here and talkingish I MISSED YOU!!! :) I'm glad to be
backsies with you peoples!!!
Mark Ruiz my olympic diver is online.. don't gots the nerve to im
him yet i will someday though haha
I wonder if I was missed lol I wonder if anybody even
noticed :) Well I have missed ALL YOU PEOPLE! if you even
read this anybodys? so.. call me i wanna see ya all this
summer soo yay call me and we can hang out ;)

love ya peoples... Libbalicious :)