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Kinky Chronicles
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2002-09-07 18:25:23 (UTC)

Early morning talk!

Hey. Yeah I thought I would write in here since both of us
havent for awhile now. School is back and yeah I dont like
it too much. I got homework like everyday! Oh well. Such is
life I guess. Last night Kora,another friend and I went to
the movies and watched Triple X it was awesome man. Then
after they walked downtown and I walked home. And I called
James and talked to him until he was falling asleep on the
phone. So I let him go. This morning he thought it would be
funny so he like called me and woke me up. Im like
thanks...Im going to call u and wake u up one morning like
really really early! OH yeah I guess you dont really know
who James is do you. OPPS!?! Ummmm yeah its a guy I talk
to. Hes not from where I live. Somewhere else. Hes in the
military though:P In like 20 days or so hes coming to see
me. YAY Im so excited. And I like him so much.
Yeah right now I dont think any of this is making sense but
hey thats ok. Its early in the morning. But Im going to go:)


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