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2001-07-21 03:54:47 (UTC)

Have to hurry

Okay, I haven't written in a while, been busy. Have to
hurry with this one. Fiance will be home in a minute.
Then again when he says he'll be home it's usually an hour
later. Anyhow, nothing new here. I am not nearly
depressed as in my previous entries, thank god. It's just
some days are so bad and I feel so worthless, others I am
very carefree. I feel good today.
The other night me and fi had sex for the first time in
like a month and a half. Not only am I already paranoid
about getting pregnant 3 months before the wedding, he says
to me the next day....do you think we made a baby last
night? Half joking of course. I wanted to smack him.
gtg, i think he's home, write more later.