My Life!!!
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2002-09-07 17:41:43 (UTC)

i cant stop thinking of this girl!.............DAYUM!

i haven't talked to her for a while now cuz she hasn't been
online! gosh DARN!!! i wish i could talk to her soooooo
BAD.... that's how much i LUV her! well as you know i
can't stop thinking about her because this whole week was
hell and usually i talk to her if i have any problems...
and she makes me laugh and happy...and she relieves all the
stress i'm having at school and work! right now i'm
looking at her picture ....and i'm wishing i wuz right next
to her in that pix... holding her sooooo tight and never
letting her go! you know how it goes when your in luv you
just cant stop thinking about them! well one thing i'm
worrying about is if she likes me! which i hope she does!
i don't want to be alone forever you know! all i can say
is she is a nice person, caring, fun to talk to, loving,
and she is BEAUTIFUL! i sended her a pix of me and i hope
she doesn't think i'm UGLY and which is probably TRUE...
probably that's why she never goes online cuz she doesn't
want to talk to me... well i hope not.. okay then wish me
luck!!! bye!