a little taste of me
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2001-07-21 03:43:52 (UTC)

im back

well i have been very busy lately. fighting with my now ex-boyfriend. me and charlie broke up. 8 months gone down the drain!!!! damn what a waste. he told me i would be better off without him. its all good i can find someone new just like that.

school starts august 28th. im kinda excited and im kinda nervous. i want to see all my friends again. but im enroll in this criminal justice program and im nervous about that. my best friend will be there with me. oh well. i getting a job as a waitress so i can get my car since i get my license in about a week and a half. im so happy about that.i cant wait. i have one more year left being a minor and in school after this year. i cant believe i made it to 11th grade. thats amazing lmao.

i miss jesse more than ever. i really want to see him. these dreams about him are killing me. its like i want them to stop. but then again it feels like reality and i sometimes dont want to wake up. i feel like somethings is going to surface between me and him. wow! wouldnt that be something if it did happen lol. at night is the best time for me because i can dream about him. but when i wake-up i feel empty and strange!!!! gosh i wish this feeling would go away. sometimes it feels like he is watching me and everything i do or say. he is not dead or anything but sometimes like when im playing tennis i feel him watching me.

wow! the world goes round! its about time i realize that. really my life has been the same except me and charlie are nothing. i have no prob with it anymore i did like last night but hey i will get over him! i sat and watched something educational. i watch the u.s house vote on a bill. well i dont remember what the bill was but it was something to do with religon and discrimination on religon. nobody seemed to like it. thats all i got out of it!!!!! lol. im trying my hardest to find something that will give me some interest the rest of the summer. its boring not having anything to do! i guess i will keep watching that congress shit!

me and mom are getting along great finally. we have not argued in a while. she is a strange cookie lmao. well thats all i have to say. bye for now or later lmao.