Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
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2001-07-21 03:33:15 (UTC)

okay i have nothing better to do so..... here gose!

alright... i know what all of you are thinking!! "she's
wierd... why do i want to read the strang crap that comes
from her mind?!" well ill tell you what! ill start writeing
a story on this thingy!! that way youll have to come back
for more!!! ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! ok enough of that
again!! here gose

October Tears
(dosent that sound like some thing you pick up
in the groucery store!!!)

Slowly the clouds passed over the full moon that
hung magesticly in the mid October sky. Tammy sihged as she
gazed longingly at it. How she wished she could hold some
thing as beautiful as the moon...
"Sigh... why is it always so lonely around here?"
Tammy sighed. She turned over in bed and began to braid her
lond ebony hair. She liked to keep it in a braid, no one
else around school wore it like that, so it made her feel
just a bit different from every one else. She liked being
different! "God the moon is so pretty to night..." Tammy
said walking to her window and sitting on the sill. Tammy's
eyes shifted from the moon and onto the huge oak tree that
took up half of her back yard. She watched as the leaves
ruffled slightly as the wind blew by, and how the silver
eyes watching her were so beautiful... Silver eyes!!! Tammy
feel from her window sill with a gasp. Some one was
watching her! Who could it be! Tammy lifted her self from
the floor and began to surch for the eyes. After seceeding
in nothing Tammy wrapped her pale blue robe tighter around
her and walked down stairs. When she reached the bottem of
the steps, she reached down and petted Circie, the family
cat. Circie had deep emerald green eyes, and a coat of
black, with the exseption of the half white mask around her
left eye, and the white patches on her frount paws that
resmbled gloves. "Well at least you stick around. No one
else seems to..."

(i gatta go now... ill put more tomarrow! from the
lady shinigsmi her self... kitty maxwell)