Diary of Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
2001-07-21 03:09:15 (UTC)

Problem with Life

Dear Diary,
Yesteray my mom lost her job. Her boss of 8 years let
her go, and her being almost 50 doesnt leave a lot of job
offers open for her. Everyone in the family is
stressed...and now we have to cut back on everything that we least I have everythin I need or a while.
Today Marie and I got into it again. I cant believe
that stupid bitch. Who does she think she is yelling at me
like that? and I really feel bad for Joe because he is
caught in the middle. I wish there was something I could
do, but Marie got herself into this mess and its on now.
I hope everything goes ok with my moms surgery on
Wednesday. What if something happens while she is in
surgery? Wat if she doesnt heal right? What if she cant get
a job after she does heal?

~~~~I would write more except Serena is asking me, "How much
more are you going to write?" and her parents are kinda
looking over our shoulders...casually...yea right.