Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
2001-07-21 02:39:15 (UTC)

Good eavning Childeren!!

WElcome all to my deepest of thoughts! If you dont
mind a couple of fanticies, I feel the need to share them
to the world! Any who! HI TOM!!!! i know your reading
this!! so you suck!!! he he he! just kitten! so hello! oh
yea hi Lyz-a-bear!!! thats my dauter for all of you who
dont know!! and lots of love to my Nikkaro!!! he's my guy
chick! or as you "NORMAL" people like to call it... he's my
boy friend! sigh!! okay enough of that! Well the only
reason i started this is because i need some thing to talk
to and my computer is lots of fun to talk to! its alot
better than talking To ... Lisa, or Tantamile, Ecticra(ben
likes her) Or Me. Their all my split selves! it sucks to
haft to share a body with some many people! especily when
each one has a crush on a different person, or don't like
surtain people the other hangs out with!! so its really
confusing but most of us agree on ben ecept one but we
really dont care about her!!!! she's the bitch of the
picture!!! i cant stand her, none of us can! im not saying
her name because that would just be mean(by the way i didnt
menchen her above) so yea! ok thats enough!
from the bitchyest witch of them all,
The shinigami's love(death
reincarnate) Kitty Maxwell!!!

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