2001-07-21 02:22:47 (UTC)

well.. i spoke to u the other..

well.. i spoke to u the other day.. showed u my pics, and u
have disapeared again. u always seem to do that u know..
just when i accept that i might never see u again, u show
up.. and then i think that everything can go back to
normal.. but it never does..
u got my leter.... said nothing about it but "i got your
letter" and then u read my answers to my servey..
What do u miss: 9 hour phone convos
what do u regret: new years

u knew what they meant... maybe i worte it 1/2 cuz i knew
ud see it.. i sorta wanted u to know that i still think
about u.

i wish u would come back into my life.