Oh,The Insanity
2002-09-07 12:31:11 (UTC)

I hurt

I like lying enveloped in your arms, talking about
important things...like the national debt
With your breath hot on my hair.
I like watching the way your mouth turns upward when you
get that really happy grin you always get when we're like
I like the security of my hand in yours and
the way you look at me when you think I'm not looking at
you -- Apreciative.
I could never say I hate you, cuz that would be a lie.
I could never say Good-bye, cuz I don't want that.
but the fact of the matter is
it's way too perfect when you're there
and hurts worse everytime I leave...
but you feel that the emotional pain is outweighing the
physical goodness...and I feel that kind of thing could
never happen, as long as we have each other.
I don't like saying goodbye to the people I love.
I don't like feeling insecure about things I thought I knew.
This is one of those things I can't explain.
I know things...I know I love you and want you in my life.
I know I cannot see you everyday (although in one of my
moments of pure insanity, I think I found a way to work
seeing you (for at least an hour everyday) into my
schedule...I have never tried to do that for anyone else.
it was always "em I miss you" and me saying "i can't I'm
too busy" and that was the end. You don't tell me you miss
me...I can see it in your eyes.
Love is not an adiction...you can have love when you're
away from the person you feel it for...sometimes it just
means you have to work a little harder.
I don't want to lose you and I know there is a possiblility
that I may be replaced. But most of all, what if I hurt
Adam...I'm afraid.