Pandora's Book
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2001-07-21 01:54:31 (UTC)

another day

July 20, 2001

I had an annoying and good day today. I was in a bad mood
this morning, everything seemed to go wrong. I had no
tollerance for any crap at work today. Then I came home and
hung out with Lyndsay. We had a 'dock party'... I got a sun
burn. Then we went across the lake and swam at the point. I
had a nice time.

I dont know what is up with me right now but I am starting to
cry. Im just chatting with some people on ICQ. I dont know
why Im like this. My moods change dramtically in the blink
of an eye. One moment I can be laughing and the next Im
crying. Yup, Im a psycho.

Thats all I feel like writing 4 now, although I could
probably write a book with all the thoughts and feelings that
are flying through my mind.


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