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2002-09-07 08:11:54 (UTC)

Raving at Prep school Kick Off Dance

lmao! ROARRR!!
Today the school day sucked fukking ass. Then after school
at about 4:00 P.M i went over to kelsys house to go to the
dance held at our school.
We walked to the 99 cent store to buy hella glow stuff.
Then we spent about 3 hours walking around Albertsons
trying to bum ciggarretts off someone. LOLZ.
I know how my parents feel about kelsy and her life but
they just dont understand. Kelsy makes me feel so
alive...she dun give a fuk about nuthin man...
We went back to her house after finally getting a hit off
of some friends I know who were hanging out in the alley.
We then went to kelsys and helped her get ready.
She looked hella HOT!!!!
She's all wearing this BIG black baggy pants that her
zippers glowed in the dark.She had on a silver see through
tube top that u can see her black bra through. She also had
on hella chains and belts.Man... If it wasn't the fact that
we're queer buddies I would jump her right then and tyhere.
Fuk the stupid hicks and preps that populated our
school.Fuk them all! grrrr...
At around 8:15P.M I sat in the bathroom wit her and watched
her put on makeup... I think She is beautiful with or
without makeup.. although she told me alot of guys say
she's ugly which sort of dropped her self esteem..
I told her she could become a model..seriously... I'm
jealoud that her dickhead bf dun really know her andis only
using her for the sex. But she's also using him for the
weed so I guess its fair enough.
Finally at 9:10 her dad dropped us off at the dance and
there was hella line. I got us up front through cutting
infront of my friends... (Sorry yo! I luv u all!Thanx!)
She gave me 2 pills and i dunno wut they r cuz it was so
dark in there but its stillllll working man... I cant calm
down....I'm still shaking... I tihnk it was Acid or E
either one but it was all bluueeee and sweeetttt and I'm
seeeing double right now.... dun blame me if theres lotsa
typo's sorry.
The dance was 9:00 until midnight and through the whole
time we were both tripping and raving like crazy. Hhaha my
krn guy friend Willy challenged me and I beat him! yay! In
your face willy!! haha... he said that i had an unfair
advantage cuz I was trippin... =P bleh... oh well...
The night was sweeeeettttt!! But we were the only
punk/ravers there so all the preps were staring at
us...dammmnnn...I just ruined my repuation as a good
gurl...shiet...oh well...hopefully they'll fo5rget by
We were both raving and jumping all over the place. This
bitch named Megan(once a friend) kept on calling
us "Lesbians!" each time we passed by.fuk.grrrr.... I hate
these hicks....I wish they'd all burn in hell....
That was the best...mann....I gotta get me some more of
those pills wutever they r...Kelsy took hella lot more then
me and she's been awake and hyper for 3 days straight! shit
man! hopefully theres no rumors started...well...atleast
bad rumors... damn! no one is online! fuk! the only time
I'm talkative and hella hyper... those blabber mouths arent
around! grrr...I tihnk Imma puke... I was all seeing
doubles... when I raved, the sticks looked like water ya
kno? all wavy and it trails...wooo.....It feels like I'm
drunk...hopefully i wont get a hangover...Kelsy promises to
get me some muchrooms next time! yay!
Its not like I'm a druggie or nuthing....hahaha!! no
seriously! its just....sometimes I need to be free and be
myself...wut better way then to blame it on the drugs
huh??? haha pupils r delated...where the
fuk did they go?? goddamnit! come bakkkkkk!! araaahhhhhh!!
I'll shut up now.....
Bouncing ...