I Am More

Another Perfect Day
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2002-09-07 06:50:47 (UTC)

I have a friend.

I have a friend.
I care about him a lot.
I worry about him a lot too.
He tells me everything.
Well, a lot anyways.
The real stuff.
The stuff that hurts just to hear.
He cuts.
I never know what to say to him.
I never know if what I DO say is right.
If it will make him feel better or worse.
I try really hard to understand and not be judgemental.
But it's hard.
It's SO hard.
Why does EVERYTHING have to be so hard?
It's so hard.
He has an eating disorder too.
What do you say to a guy with an eating disorder?
He thinks he's fat.
He's a zero in girls pants.
How can he do that to himself?
How can he put himself in so much pain?
HOPE carved in your arm?
I don't understand.
I try, but I don't undertand.
Am I supposed to understand?