Jinnys Clone
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2002-09-07 06:24:18 (UTC)

First Entry

Ok well since this is my first entry i guess i should just
introduce myself. My name is Jo. I used to live in New
York but now i live in boreville Maryland. I am 5'7" brown
hair and hazel eyes. I love all kinds of sports, cars and
motorcycles, music and my friends.Yea.. Thats that.

Ok well not to much has happened in the past few days.
Yesterday i cleaned my room, and put together a new desk
and bookshelf that i just bought. Today i went to the
ballgame with my father. The Orioles lost 6-3 to the
California Angels. ( by the way im a die hard Yankee fan)
Tomorrow im supposed to go to Mo's Karaoke bar with my
friends Marian, Trixie and Mel. Im hoping that i get to go
cause its been 3 weeks since ive been, and its been
forever since ive gone without dawn (my "best friend")
Dawn and i have been fighting lately over petite shit but
i have a feeling this time things are gonna get worse
before they get better.
dawn and i met two years ago while working at
mcdonalds. She was new and i was trying to show her the
stock room. I kept throwing cups at her and making an eric
cartman imitation. She told me something about her mom and
than almost fell over cause she had to pee and i was
making her laugh. Since than, we have been threw so much.
We started off rough, but got so much better. Dawn and i
have been through boyfriends, heartaches, family issues,
emotional and phsyical pain, sickness and many other
problems since than. We have a very tight relationship
that im hoping is going to last forever and beyond.

anyways. On sunday, im supposed to go out with my (excuse
me) black friend darren and maybe lissa if she can. We are
gonna go to the movies or the gym or something, than
sunday night i think im just gonna vedge out and watch my
favorite tv show the division. Monday im hangin out with
brandee and than marian later that night. Tuesday im
supposed to go to my friend Zach's house and chill. GRR!
business! My social life seems to be picking up a lot
lately which is good because im trying to keep out of
trouble. i just got off probation not to long ago for
something i did when i was 13. I got charged when i was 15
but the probation lasted awhile cause i kept fucking up.
Lately i find myself being on the straight and narrow. I
regret dropping out of high school more and more now. This
GED shit is getting on my last nerve and i dont study
well, and i sure as hell dont take tests well! Grr ok.. my
future plans--
I want to get my GED and than im thinking about going into
this job corp thing through the air force. IF not im gonna
go to a community college for two years and than transfer
to a 4 year college to finish and get a major in sociology
(criminal justice). After that i want to go into the
police academy and than hopefully move to San Francisco or
New York to be an inspector...or just stay here and be a
detective...Ok well my bro mike is here now so i have to
go...Night all!

~jinnys clone