2002-09-07 05:24:52 (UTC)

My school is trying to screw me over...

Okay, so maybe one more entry before I go daydream and do
absolutely nothing that you wanna know about in lala land.

School started and every day there are more, and more
complications. (Well actually, there's less and less, and
hopefully there will be none by monday.) It usually happens
1st period or before:

TUESDAY - I went to the 4th floor where my division is.
(Which is quite a walk when you haven't moved much all
summer.) I start looking stupid when I enter the class and
that's not my division there anymore but some other people.
So I go back to the first floor, just to find out that we
were moved to 254 which is in a fucking corner of the
Next problem arises when I get to division so late and out
of breath that I don't have much time to settle down,
hence,I don't get to "sign up" for my locker. (A new thing
they have as well. Not assigning lockers which is the
better way to go about it in my opinion.)
So later I find out that the 1st Theatre Tech 3 class, that
was finally suppose to be seperate from the underclassmen
is kinda mixed cause some couldn't get it 8th. I'm one of
those people who are stuck with lazy unenthusiastic
underclassmen. Uggh!!! So I got a transfer but it will take
about a week to process, and I gotta drop speech, which is
one of my most interesting classes. (Although this way, my
1st period is wide opened. Since there are no good classes
available, Ms. Hanson offered Community Civics in her
class. So I'm gonna help her out during first and such
things.) Bad thing is that now I gotta wait like a week to
get my new program and start going to my new classes. Good
thing atleast that I have her 1st so I won't be behind.

WEDNESDAY - I finally get a locker. I can't close it, until
I try to bend the steal and succeed at the end of the day,
after I acquire a few heavy ass books to drag around.

THURSDAY - Just when you think there is nothing else to
screw up there is. I'm being discriminated against because
of my hair. When I entered the school the security guard
tells me to wear something on my perfectly normal tank top
because I have "spaghetti staps" which are not allowed. 1st
off, those were not spaghetti straps cause those would have
to be round to be like that. I know cause I had them on a
diffent tank. These were thicker and flat. Other chicks
come to school in mini's practically and their shoulders
revealed, and a really low cut on the neck whole thing that
some people don't wanna see. It's not like I was showing
anything but a few extra milimeters of my shoulders, if I
was revealing anything at all. My tank top wasn't low cut
at all. Where my armpitt ends, that's how high this thing
goes on both sides. But NO, I see chicks with halter tops
and those 1 shoulder shirts walking around, which are very
not towards the dress code. So I had to get a shirt from
210 and return it afterschool. WHICH I DID!!!

FRIDAY - Talking to Benoit, Aiondria's cousin that happens
to be in 1st period theater with me, he said after hearing
my story: "I wonder what they're gonna do tomorrow." This
is what they did: They call me up in 1st period saying that
I didn't return the shirt and if I don't do it then I'll
get suspended. So I had to explain to that idiot with every
detail that I brung it in.

Hopefully this will all end by monday!!!

I also have some class problems: I can't catch up in Honors
French. I lost my homework from Trig. today. (I hopefully
made it up just in time.) I feel crowded in both French and
Chemistry, and I don't think I'll do good in Chem. I
prabobly won't get along with the teacher. Even though all
my teachers are cool, I just have some constant bad feeling
in that class. I don't know what it is.

Well, hence the title (This school is trying to screw me
over.) Now I seek revenge in a peaceful way.

It's time for SENIOR PRANK planning:

My idea: get a bunch of butterflies and set them free all
throughout the school. A.K. had some kind of set to get
caterpillars and watch them grow into butterflies. The box
which is cheap crap costs 27 dollars. 3-5 blue lady
caterpillars are I think free. The only thing you gotta pay
is 3.99 shipping and handling. So that's fairly descent. If
we get 1/2 of the senior population in on this, (let's say
each will get 3 caterpillars) then 486 x 3 will equal that
many butterflies on the same day of school.
p.s. on that. Vickey sais it was her idea, but it most
certainly is not. I thought of it by looking on my
butterfly socks while we were talking about senior pranks
with her during lunch. While others were thinking of
setting farms animals loose, I looked at my socks and
thought butterflies. No offense to Vicky, but that was my
idea, and my idea alone. I'm usually not one to do stuff
like "Not yours, mine, mine, mine. But hey, she is known
for shit like stealing ideas in my book. I just don't want
her going around as usual thinking that just cause she
repeats the idea, that it automatically is hers. Or if the
person that thought of the idea originally backs down, that
the idea is hers. This is really something I would think of
and I know I have a bad memory, but I know the exact moment
of how my idea came about and I don't want her taking
credit for my work. Cause it's a damn good idea then the
other shit everyone else has (cruelty to animals/ theft/
breaking and entering e.t.c...) Besides, you're practically
not harming a butterfly since they wouldn't live it weren't
for you getting the caterpillar, and they only live about a
day anyway. It would be kinda enchanting walking into a
school full of butterflies. I was thinking of expanding on
this idea, like flower pedals and other such "hippie"
things like that, as my friends call it, but I think the
butterflies are just enough.

That's all Folks!!!