The Nightshade Princess
2002-09-07 05:01:19 (UTC)

Night terrors

In the daylight hours, I know not peace. There is a
constant stress being exerted upon me as I walk through
daily life. In my dreams, I have no release, no solace, no
blessed oblivion. My nightmares are not of the normal sort
either... they tend to be far more graphic. Last night I
had 3 of them. They were small compaired to the clarity
and horror in the one of the night before, which I shall
relate to you now.

There is no blue left in the night's sky, for it is
late. I am in a van with others, whom I know and yet do
not know. I am familiar with them, though I do not know
who they are in the waking world, save one. Carty. He and
I were speaking when we became aware that the traffic had
slowed significantly, though we did not know why. Soon, we
passed by what appeared to be the scene of a car accident.
The actual vehicles themselves were unclear, standing
horrifically crunched in the background, and my eyes did
not take much notice, for in the foreground were no more
than 4 dead children, all younger than 10, but of varying
ages. They were lying on the bloodstained asphalt, covered
in white blankets or small sheets, all I really saw of that
were that they were small rectangles of cloth that just fit
over the children, some better than others. I began to see
this scene not as one looking out the window of a van, but
as one who was there somehow. I could see the sirens
flashing on the bodies and the surroundings. The wind
began to pick up, and it blew the cloth from the face of
one of the children, and I could see the corpse. It was
horrible and white, so perfectly clear, yet so
indescribable. I saw from another point of view the body
of another young girl, probably the oldest of the group of
the dead, but I could not see them all so I am uncertain.
She was some distance away, and had not been attended to
yet. She was uncovered, and I could see her hair and her
face contorted as if in pain. She had been thrown through
the windshield or something... I could tell by the position
of her body and the distance from the others. The passing
cars did not see her in the inky night, for the road was 2
lanes or so and one was blocked off. I saw her hands
stretched out from her body a little way. I saw the cars
crush her tiny hands like roadkill, not seeing her lying
there dead. It was so horrible. The image has haunted me
for days. I could hear a woman crying, hysterically
lamenting the lost children. I could see the headlights of
the passing cars, and those hands, flattened by them,
crushed but bleeding little, as she was already dead... I
know no peace a this hour. I dread sleep.