My Life.............
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2002-09-07 04:21:39 (UTC)

i made it.:)

it was a year yesterday that ive been on my diet, and when
i look back i cant believe how far ive come, sometimes i
want to cry, i have old and new pics up on the fridge and i
just cant believe i used to look like that, im really proud
of myself.:)
I walked over to Bobbys today, he called me, he looks
worse than he did the other day, he was throwing up,
couldnt walk straight and he couldnt talk right, i stayed
with him for a couple hours, came home, then went back
over, stayed again for a little then my sister came, i left
with her, then we came back to check on Bobby, i hate
seeing him like that, i kept asking him to go to the
hospital, but, he wouldnt go.:( I know if he wont help
himself theres nothing i can do... hes dying and theres not
a damn thing i can do.:(