my life...
2001-07-20 23:40:00 (UTC)


Dear Diary~
At this moment, I am exceptionally bored with everything. I
am supposed to be leaving to hang out with my friend, Amy
in a little bit. I am just happy to be going out. I hope
that we go up to see that adorable guy, Mike. He's going to be working though, so it may be
pointless. I wish he would call me. He told my friend,
Drew, that he likes me. If he liked me though, why wouldn't
he be making an attempt to come out here to see me? He
knows I don't drive, but whatever. Amy wants to go over her
friend, Julie's house tonight. She is freshman in college
now. They are going to smoke cigs and possibly drink. I
have only smoked once before and I kind of liked it. I
don't want to get addicted though so I am not going to
smoke again. I think that it is a huge waste of money. I
also don't want to turn into an alcholic like my uncle.
He's really bad. Anyways, I am kind of at a loss for words
so I am out for now

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