2001-07-20 22:55:22 (UTC)


ok. two days ago me and my friend rachel were all dressed
up, walking around, and working it. when dirty, corny
samantha showed up. dont get me wrong - she's a great
friend, but embarassing. and she said there were some hot
guys. we rushed to the scene. they were selling door to
door. they said me and rachel were hot but sam looked about
8. she said some really corny stuff and we just laughed. we
followed them. they were sick... i wouldnt do nething with
them but it was fun talking to them. now the only reason i
can think of that samantha got one guys number, email and
asked for a bj is that me and rachel are flat chested and
samantha has a chest. but she was nasty, dirty and weird.
so i dont know. do boobs make that much of a difference????
please reply with your opinion

and yesterday it was us three again, but this time we all
looked hot. we couldnt find any guys so we visited an old
lady. she was so nice, but my strict to the 534895734th
power parents were enraged becuase it was "almost dark"
when i got home. so i told them i needed to have a real
curfew instead of "be home by almost dark." im sure you
dont wanna hear this but i wanted to say it.

and today at summer camp. we went to a park and had a
cookout. 3 of my friends were there. 1 is really truly a
great friend and the others are sorta edgy. then katrina
blows up at me about throwing a stick @ her. big deal. i
promised not to do it but then she told kelly & jen that
she dint like me. so kelly and chelsea are really really my
friends, and i know they always will be. it's ok w/ jen and
katrina dont like me. aughhhh i hate that.