My Life!!!
2002-09-07 03:10:14 (UTC)

I'm SOOOOOOOooooo in LOVE wit dis GIRL!!

well i have a CRUSH on this girl which she knows i
do...........but i dunno if she likes me!!! DAYUM huhH??
HER name is JEANNIE. i luv her name...! well i know
you're probably think'n i'm a lil'fag but what can i
say.......i luv dat gurl sooooooo much! i couldn't stop thinking
about her today at school! o yea.....she doesn't live in
tha same city i do.....she lives up in LA... daz sucks! i
wish i could see her everyday of my life but i cant. o
well! when i get mah licence i'll drive up der all da time
just to see her........even if she doesn't want to see
me!!! i bet your wondering how do i know her huhH?? well i
met her on tha net....and we started talking! we went out
for a while but my stupid ass had to let her gooOOOO! gosh
darn! i hate myself for doing that! we didn't talk
for a while when we broke up! i still wuz luving her back
then when we broke up but now i'm serious about this
girl....she is tha luv of my LIFE, i hope she knows that... if i
can't have her i just might as well DIE! well we finally started
talking again and became friends but now i want to be closer than
friends!!!!! well i hope i get that chance again and i
promise this one thing that i will never ever let her GO like i did
the last time! i'm gonna marry that girl one day!!! o i wish that
day wuz now THO...............but i can still dream! well iight
then. i know this entry wuz whack but i had to let it out! well
ariightY then lates!!!!


ps..... I LUV YOU JEANNIE!!!

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