Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2001-07-20 22:48:13 (UTC)

She Stood Me Up

Hi again!
I'm so glad it's Friday. I'm sick of this week. I got
an awesome facial and massage from Athena Day Spa on
Wednesday. The lady said I had great skin becasue she's
full of shit. Anyway, she did "extractions" on my face,
which means that she got rid of any pimples and any
possible pimples that she thought might appear, and it hurt
like hell. I had a thing over my eyes so I couldn't see
what she was using, but it didn't feel like her hands. She
was picking at me for like 10 minutes, and I only had 3
known pimples when I went in there. She must have strange
esthetician psychic powers.
When I got home, I was rushing to get ready for my
date with Gabrielle, when Ryan read my e-mail for me, and
told me Gabrielle had written. The bitch cancelled on me.
Okay, sorry, she's not a bitch. I'm was pretty mad/sad at
the time though. She claimed it was because of my age
(she's only 20 for fuck's sake, a couple of years older
than me). She said that because I was under 18, she felt
uncomfortable. Bull. I'm turning 18 in October, and I doubt
I'll be a whole new person because of what goddamn day it
is. I'm mentally 30 anyway. I'm too old for her :)
Whatever, I really am over the whole idea now. I'm not
going to search for a girl to have sex with, it'll happen
when the time is right. I'm just too eager I guess.
Yesterday Nathan came down for the weekend. He's
staying with Shelby next door. For those of you reading
this, Shelby is one of Ryan's best friends and recently
became our neighbor, and Nathan is his guitar-genius-weed-
smoking-and-dealing cousin from out in the desert. Him and
Daniel hung out with us and we all got very, very baked. We
bought a lot of weed from Nathan. A lot for us anyway. It
was a half an ounce of non-chron (more than half a baggie
full). It only cost us $40, but down here in socal, it's
worth about $80, so we're going to sell half of it and make
our money back. We're going to start dealing with Nathan's
help, since weed from where he's from is worth WAY more
down here. We'll make bank. We can get up to 3 pounds at a
time from Nathan (that's 48 ounces, which is $7680 down
here and only about $1500 from him, because he gets deals
on large amounts). Of course, we would never buy that much
(we couldn't get rid of it), but if we split a pound with
him (which would cost us $250), we could turn around and
sell it for $1280. That's 412% profit. Yes, that's right
four hundred and ten percent. Four fucking times the amount
we paid for it. :) :) :) I've been inspired ever since I
saw Blow, with Johnny Depp. Yes, I know he ended up in
jail, but that's because he sold coke and heroin and speed
as well as weed. That's just stupid. I could never sell
drugs like that because a.) I don't know where to get them,
and b.) Nobody I know uses them, so I could never sell it
if I found it. I'll just stick with weed (which sells like
crazy down here), and make tons of money. Delia's, here I
Tonight Ryan and I are going out to dinner at Islands
and then seeing Legally Blonde at the Kaleidoscope theater.
I've never been to Islands, but I hear it's really good, so
I'm excited. I'm off work in an hour and fifteen minutes. I
cannot wait. IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! That's all for now, bye!