Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-09-07 02:42:25 (UTC)

Brr its cold in here, there must be some criminal brothers in the atmosphere

Christopher came to my window a few times around 1.30am
wanting me to call mother to come and get him but the
first few times I couldn't get her then I got Stuart who
must have woke her up and for some reason mother decided
to call the house phone and annoy my father about not
picking him up. So I tell Christopher that and he phones
mother's trying to convince her to come get him. It
mustn't work because he then phones some taxi company who
claims the taxi will be a half hour but after a half hour
no taxi. Christopher then comes back to the window asking
for a screwdriver. I don't have a flat-headed one so I
give him a Star but I'm guessing it didn't work because he
gave it back to me. I don't know the processes of braking
into a car, so meh. I suppose if he succeeded I'd be an
accessory to something or other. How fun! Was playing Sim
City 3000 which I got a couple of days back but then Colin
contacted me over MSN Messanger. Its 3.40m now and I'm
going to meet Ruth and Christine later although by the
sounds of the weather, its going to be a miserable day at

Signing off now,
till next time Space Kittens!