the ups and downs of my life
2002-09-07 01:26:58 (UTC)

friday at the conklin fair

well today we got our class ring packets....mine will be
so cool. i cant wait. we order next wednesday and get them
before xmas starts. i will write what it looks like when i
jknow what one im getting

then tonight we wetn to the fair. its a small place and
the coolest th ing was the old fashioned pics. me and mom
were saloon girls and adam and jeremy were cowboys. the
dress i wore was so short im sure u could have seem my
undies if i sat down. i held a gun and i have a really and
i got some attitude in the pic....its the bestest. i want
to do that with my friends sometimes.. me ash and laura
should do it it would be the best.

and bob has surgery on tuesday...i hope he will be ok.

well thats all for now im tired