April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-09-07 01:14:05 (UTC)

Friday!!! yayayay

I never knew there was a love like this before...
Never had someone.. to show me, a love,
Love like this before

Yeah... i had that song in my head.
So i was waiting for the bus today...and turns out i was in
the wrong place, waiting for the wrong bus! I got a ride
home though. This really nice girl, Diana invited me out
tonight...finally, someone my age. That was my biggest
worry about the whole grade 11 thing...all the 16/17 year
olds. But yeah, Diana seems pretty cool. I might just go
swimming with Megan though...Holy shit! I have options now!
yey!!! i knew i just had to wait until school started.

My poem for the day:

Wam to the Chest via MSN

when you're gone
I will cry so hard
I wont...
Be able...
To breathe.
The sharp,
piercing pain in my lungs
will start
when you leave
When you leave...
Forget all that i have made
Forget every photo
the giggles
forget the smiles
forget everything that i have done
but remember
when you leave
here for you is a someone.

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