Glimpse of Reality
2001-07-20 22:11:52 (UTC)

Friday July 20th 2001

Not much happened last night thank God. We were over at
Brandon's ate pizza and watched Dogma and The Legen of
Drunken Master. I love Jackie Chan by the way his movies
are great.
i had a talk with Tw over the past couple of days. I've
been feeling like I'm neglecting him and I know I am not
but when you talk to someone for hours on end and then
don't for awhile I can see where confusing signals come
into the play.
But, he knows i love him very very much and I can't wait
to go see him in August! god, why do i have to find the
perfect one but he lives in California? Long distance
things suck because when you really want to be with someone
and hold them tight to you you just can't. It';s not so bad
but soetimes I just wish I could sit on the sofa and yap
for hours with him instead of on the phone. we have such
wonderful conversations we can talk about everything from
funny stuff to very serious conversations and we
even "debate" things (I still say he;s wrong! haha).
I'm so glad this week is almost over. the band is leaving
tomorrow and although I had a lot of fun with them and
really enjoyed their company I got a lot of things to catch
up on including the magazine and my boyfriend. I'll have
tomorrow and that's it on sunday I'm sleeping all day I
swear it.