The mediocrity that is me
2002-09-07 00:18:54 (UTC)

Fuck you, Fuck this, I quit.

Why do you have to be such a self-centered bitch?

I really hate you sometimes. You are one of the reasons I
don't trust people --- I can't believe I didn't see it
sooner. Fuck you for being the cause of my momentary loss
of faith in humanity. Fuck you for making me feel like I
should be depressed when I'm around you --- even though
I'm not.

"Oooooo why are you so depressed?" makes me want to
swallow the end of a fucking gun.

Stop making me feel like I'm crazy. Stop looking at me
like I'm crazy. Just go, get the fuck out of my life.
Our friendship was crap. We never really related on any
level. Never. There was always so much I knew I could
never tell you because I know you can't keep your fucking
mouth shut. And fuck you, I did try. I tried very hard,
but you didn't do shit for me. Seriously. I was so
fucking depressed --- you just fucked me over more.

The sad thing is, you never even realized it. You're so
fucking blind.

You've never been able to just back the fuck off. No.
You can't keep anything to yourself.

And I'm not jealous about Avery. Not in the slightest.
That's great. Be happy. Just stop pretending to be
my "best friend" because every time you do, I wind up
hurting because of it.

You are so goddamn annoying. Stop fucking petting your
boyfriend when I'm in the room; I sure as hell don't want
to have to see that.

I wish you would stop meddling in my life. All I ever
wanted was a friend who would understand, and no thanks to
you, I have that now. All you ever did was fuck things up
for me. "Oooohh...You like Anthony, don't you!!"

No, fuck you, I did not like Anthony as anything more than
a friend until you started saying things. And I still do
not like him as anything more than a friend. Fuck that.

I wish you could have offered me some fucking comfort in
my life, just once telling me what I needed to hear
instead of cutting me down and making me feel worse.

"Your friends probably think I'm crazy"
"Yeah, ha ha ha (your fucking "I'm so much better than
you" laugh) I'm sure they did."

Fuck you for that. Fuck you for creating drama in my life
when there was no drama before. Fuck you for making me
out to be a fucking drama queen. I hate drama, and you
damn well know it.

Fuck you again for going around, saying we're "best
friends" when you NEVER EVEN FUCKING CALL ME!!! Wow, we
sure as hell are wonderful friends, aren't we. Hanging
out all the time and everything. Especially since we live
in the same fucking dorm and all. I don't have your
goddamn number. You know this. And yet, you still
haven't called me yet, save for the first fucking day here.

Don't fucking pretend to be my friend if you're not going
to act like it. Fuck you, fuck this, I quit.

This, this shit here, this is exactly why I wanted to
leave people many behind and burn bridges.

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