Princess Of Darkness

Poetry © 2002 Princess Of Darkness
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2002-09-06 23:50:38 (UTC)


Depression fallz over me,
Taking over my mind,
My body,
My soul.
It tortures me,
Until I take my fall.

I cry in agony,
I cry in pain.
Will someone come,
And take me away?

Sorrow is all I can feel.
I am immune
To all else.

I wont feel again
Til someone pulls my heart
Outta this slump.

I am almost dead inside,
I am almost numb.
I feel like falling down,
And never getting back up.

I got no one
To hold my hand,
As I try to stand.
There is no one left to lift me.

I've fallen into this hole
One to many times.
But this time,
I dont think I can get out.

Copyright © 2002 Princess Of Darkness

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