The land of unknown
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2001-07-20 22:01:52 (UTC)

Off the Cliff

well, not that there's much to say that's very interesting
but, lately i've been going comic cra.......... nah. crazy
isn't as strong enough word. insane. yea, there we go.
HEY!! i'm the one who's insane! not u. quiet! i said i
went comic insane, not insane. ok, i'll let that one slide,
but i'm the insane one in here. yea, yea, yea. sorry
about that. but as i was saying, i pulled out all my
comics and all my Wizards (for those who suck and
don't read comics, Wizard is THE comic magazine) and
then went online for some pics. on my computer i have
a folder inside my main folder, called Visions of the
future. it has folders inside for all my anime, comic,
movie, and other pics. but the comics were only recent.
i've got some Battle Chasers, Witchblade, X-Men, and
all sorts of comic pics now. but then, i got back into my
artistic mood. so i sat down on my bed (that's my desk
for now because i don't have a real one) while my
brother was on the computer, but had some music
playing. possibly the cd i listened to most while moving,
Virgos Merlot, 'Sings of a Vacant Soul.' so, i pulled out
my sketch books and flipped through them some, then
grabbed one and i started drawing. i had an idea what i
was drawing. it's a drawing of my charactor Val. he's
from this story of mine about vampires. he's my
vampire hunter. he kicks ass. i wont get to into the story
right now, but maybe some other time. but as i 'finished'
the drawing, i told my brother that i'll most likely come
back and put more on later. i never really 'finish' a
drawing. i ended up going back to it 3 more times. i
added grownd, then a cliff infront, and 'finished' it with
mountains and the sun in the back. it looks good! ^__^
i wish i had a contract with Cliffhanger. unfortunetly, the
bastards at DC had to buy Wildstorm from Image.
Wildstorm is the company that owns Cliffhanger. but i
can't stand DC. they have yet to release one title that i'll
read. u could say, "but they have Cliffhanger, u read
those comics." but the Cliffhanger publishers were
originally owned by Image. oh well. maybe i'll just skip
to Image and forget about Cliffhanger. even though i
think they have a collection of some of the finest books
out there. Battle Chasers, Danger Girl, Crimson (even
though i think that one's done), Steam Punk. however,
my goal as a comic book writer and artist, is to
ressurrect EXCALIBUR!!!!! the greatest comic book
ever. and a close second with X-Men........... so...... yea.