I Beware In Lab
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2002-09-06 23:26:35 (UTC)

Something has got to give

I can't stand it. Every time I'm near her, I just want to
reach out for her. Earlier today, we were at work, and a
lock of her hair fell across her eye. I had to stop my hand
from brushing it away -- I was so close to just touching
those golden locks.

We talked about her ass. (She doesn't like it touched, even
by her boyfriend. Food for thought.) It is so frustrating
to be so close and to not take her into my arms.

I'd love to look through her wire-framed glasses into those
deep blue pools ... to draw her close to me. To feel her
tremble in my arms as I lower my lips towards her. To
tremble myself as I brushed my lips against hers ... so
gently. To smell and to taste her. To breathe her into
myself. To feel the heat of her body against mine.

I need her so...

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