My Life
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2002-09-06 22:44:47 (UTC)

Fondue for Two and Rainbows

So I took a friend out to the Melting Pot for her
birthday. It was really good, and really expensive (as
expected). Can I afford these things? Not really. I have
a spending problem. I'm actually working on it, though.

Well I'm writing about it not because it was a fabulous
time, but because I almost told her that I was gay. That,
more than any other, just felt like the right moment. I
was almost going to tell her...and I even had the
opportunity to incorporate it into the conversation we were
having...but I just couldn't. I thought it was the right
moment, but looking back I realize it wasn't. Maybe I
should have just gotten it over with, but A) the evening
was about her, and I'm glad I didn't make it about me, B)
that would have totally ruined the fun we were having, and
C) when I wanted to tell her, we were done eating and just
sitting was late and they were about to close.
I don't think they wanted us staying much longer, and
belive me that conversation would have lasted a while.
Maybe one of these days...

The other thing I wanted to discuss was that the student
organization that I'm involved in sat at a table on campus
(to advertise) next to the Spectrum Alliance yesterday. I
got some answers about some of the ones I'd been wondering
about. Maybe I should go to their meeting next week...but
I know I won't. Unless something drastic changes over the
weekend. And by the looks of the homework I need to get
done, I doubt that will happen.

I can't stop fantasizing about Barrett. I don't know
what's wrong with me. It just can't be healthy. But he
still tries to hide the fact that he's gay from me. And,
how can we maintain our professional relationship if I tell