2002-09-06 21:34:38 (UTC)

Rayman Wrote Back!!!

Heya kids!!!

OMG, today was mad kewl. It started out crappy because
I lost my math book and my teacher gave me a zero anyways,
despite my attempts to give her puppy dog eyes with a
soft, sad voice. Ayck, skewlz a bum, whatchya gunna do? So
anywayz, it did not help that I was extrememly tired
during the day as I often tend to be during the week. To
top it all off, I had the weirdest biology quiz I've ever
set eyes on. GOod thing the teacher is letting us make it
up. Heh, I would have failed miserably.

:Sigh: The day had a nice turn around when I got home. I
watched Thumbelina....tear, tear. Datz a cute movie and I
almost cried. Awww, it was great. Kid movies are so
adorable; I think I'm way too sensitive. Just the other
day, Beauty and the Beast made me cry. :( The fact that
the Beast, who loved Belle very much, let her go so that
she could tend to her ill father....that was touching. And
you know what else made me cry?! ROMEO AND JULIET! The
version with Leonardo Dicaprio. OMG, how could Julilet
wake up when Romeo was still alive?! That was blasphemy!
The look on Romeo's face was heartbreaking. UGH, movies
these days are real tearjerkers, ya know?

So anywayz, remember my friend Raymond Warner? Well I
have been emailing him for quite a time now without
receiving a response. :tear, tear:

UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thats right, kiddies! Rayman emailed me!! Awww, I miss
him soooo much! He has to come back. Pooh!