Poetic Bleeder

Jar Of Tears
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2001-07-20 21:15:40 (UTC)

and the pain over came

the pain of mind, body, and soul
has come at last to take it's toll
ravaging and ripping and destroying all
no one listening to the hurt and distressed call
a child exposed to the world of adults
for the first time seeing life's horrid faults
the pain never ending for ever going on
stealing hope and innocence till all of it is gone
lost in for ever with no way to get home
life's touch to this one is as cold as crome
crying tears of crimson and bleeding blood o white
never giving up but defnitaly losing the fight
I guess I had better write more than poetry in here
because... well I don't know but i guess should. I won't
tell you any details about the real me other than that I am
struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. my sex,
age, race, and creed do not matter. i could be your next
door neighbor or live a thousand miles away. I may be just
like you, or completely different. I just have to share my
pain with some one.... and YOU are that person. I'd love to
hear comments on my stuff but you don't have to.

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