[What You Will]
2001-07-20 21:14:33 (UTC)

Uh Hello...Is this thing on?

Hi, this is my new diary...I have so many (3 on
Blogger, one on livejournal...) but this is going to be my
only true diary...the other ones are for just being silly.
So, I know no one will read this, cuz I'm just going to
ramble, see? hmmm...
So today I have been putting photo albums together with old
pictures of myself *ack!* It's been...enlightening.
Actually, in a way it has. I don't remember looking so bad
and so good...I mean, sometimes I'm like, "Eww what was I
thinking with that hair cut?!" and other times, "Geez, why
didn't my mom make some money off me as a model?"
Nononono...I'm not saying I'm full of myself, no. But, I
mean, sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself,
Well my Aunt Sophie is here visiting. I really don't like
that lady. She's a pain in my...uh, I'll keep this G...she
makes messes, gives me a friggin' headache...she was
supposed to be gone today!! But low and behold, her plane
was delayed or cancelled or what you will, and now she is
here till another arrives. PLEASE make it soon!
So uh, I guess I'll be going. Hey, if you're ever on, look me up (Tweek-chan) and read some of my
stuff...I'd be happy to hear from you.

Outtie Ose,