My Stupid Life
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2002-09-06 20:39:37 (UTC)

Mel Mel Mel #4

Oh Mel. Well, without her I wouldn't have as many friends
as I do now. She was the one who started it all. -cheesy
flash back- It all started last year on the first day of
school. VB wonked up my schedule and so I got to my 1st
period class later than usual. Mrs. Crowe our eccentric
counselor made everyone sit down and introduced me infront
of the class. The WHOLE class and it's entirety. I was so
embarrased. And to top it off, some strange kid (Mel)
walked up to me and asked to see my schedule. "Oh cool!"
she said, "I'll see you in 6th period!" Well, I sat with
my friend Natasha for a while after that and Mel kept
talking to me during 6th period. Well, one day she invited
me to sit with her at her table. I agreed and sat at the
very end away from everyone. Well, I got to meet everyone
and they were all very nice. I then got moved to a seat by
the wall in beside Mel and in front of Erin. We started
talking and became best friends. Then it became this whole
group of friends and I hope we're best friend until
college and then some.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~later that year~~~~~~~~~~~
Well, Mel is still good. I found out what happens to her hair. She
pulls it out herself. It's really weird though. I don't know WHY she
does it. But sok. Her mom's a beotch too. Her mom calls her fat and
makes her go to a therapist and makes her take drugs for a psycho
person. So I kinda see why. I'd pull out my hair if I had that kinda
mom too. But mine's worse. grr. *hates mom* long story. Anyways, Mel
and I talk in the morn, before high school starts. It's cool. She's
really nice. But she can be a beotch too. Like at the beginning of
school, she told me fries cost a dollar and they were only 60 cents
and she kept the excess for herself. So in lamens terms, she ripped
me off at least $7. grrr. I found out eventually. Yay. So I made her
buy me fries a bunch of times. More later.
She is so getting on my nerves. I tell her to stop doing something
and she does it more. Dear lord, she needs to be smacked. Meh. We're
growing apart (I'm glad too). More later.

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