My Stupid Life
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2002-09-06 20:23:05 (UTC)

3: Erin erin bo berin!

Mmmmmmm, Erin. What to say? What to say? Well, she and I
are alot alike. For instance we both have a really bad
temper. Like right now, Erin's not talking to me because I
won't tell her what I was going to say. She was teasing me
about "Liking" Brian and then she said "I'm so smart" and
i was going to say something like, "then why aren't you in
honor's class?" It would have been mean though so I
didn't. I don't like that but she and I used to be best
friends. I mean, we always argue. It seems like Erin's
always mad at someone. Like me. But she was being mean.
Anyways, she is an anime nut and really into DBZ. She
likes to draw and write. She likes alot of other stuff.
Well, I don't really know what to say right now so I'll
type more later.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~later that year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Well, the one friend I am NOT growing away from is Erin. We patched
it up less than two days after I last wrote. She was mad at Brian
for a while and then me and then Brian again. Right now I don't
think she's mad at anyone. But she and I are buds for now. She looks
alot like me. Except different hair cut and she has glasses. But I'm
thinking about dying my hair black. Yeah, well, she and I can relate
a lot. We both USED TO have crushes on Brian. lol and at the same
time too. It was creepy. Anyways, she and I talk alot and we have
fun together. She is a bit touchy though. more later!
We're the bestest buddies! She got me hooked on 2 animes. Ranma 1/2
*drools* and Inu-Yasha *drools lots more*. We hang out alot and
stuff. She and Kendra are my best chik friends in the world. I need
to make a page for Kendra. But they are really cool chiks.... meh...
more later.