Welcome to MY wOrLd
2002-09-06 20:20:36 (UTC)

WHOOOO its friday sep 6

Hey what going on? well not to much here. This afternoon I
recieved a sweet ass sexy sweet phone call from my good
friend Kendle. She is coming to get me and I am going up
to her college for the weekend! how sweet is that!? I'm
pretty pshyced.. I feel bad because i had made plans to
hang out with Max tonight, but i guess he can wait.. This
is a one shot deal! lol. And I see him like almost

Sat. Night Teresa is coming up here for the night. i'm
kinda upset Im not gonna see her, cause after all, I love
the Ta-ra. but I am sure she will be up here again soon. I
am doing my laundry right now though, so lol I better get
back to that.. Ooh and its real great Im getting the guilt
trip for leaving another weekend.. SORRY RA! oh well..

BTW: My sister reads my diary. And Ims me saying Oh are
you ok? Obviously I am. Im still breathing.. its not my
fault people are fucked up and i was shelterd from it for
so long that its all hitting me now! lol.. whatevaaaa

Peace yo.. HOLLA!