My Stupid Life
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2002-09-06 20:13:20 (UTC)

2: Iiiiiiiit's Kaelyn!

All righty then. Kaelyn you're up! What to say about
Kaelyn? Well, she and I met first in OWL. It was this
really annoying class we had to take called Our Whole
Lives. Guess what it was about. That's right, sex. It was
very disgusting and the whole class was filled with very
loud "Ew!"s almost all the time. Well, I was very alone in
that class. Didn't know anyone. Very scary subject. Well,
Kaelyn and I finally talked to each other when we were
taking another babysitting class. We were the only two in
the babysitting class. So we started talking and one day I
saw that she was fiddling with something about a DBZ
character that Erin had talked about. I think it was
Vegeta. Anyways, I pointed it out and she started
laughing. Well, we became best friends after that. I mean,
she's one of my best friends. Anyways, we talked and she
introduced me to Todd and Natalie. Only one I'm thankful
for meeting. Well, we've had tons of sleepovers and we
found out that we also have a lot in common. She and I
both absolutely ADORE Elijah Wood. We both absolutely
DESPISE Todd. We both are friends with Natalie and Brian.
We both love The Sims and we both love LOTR and candy.
Mmmmmmmmmm candy -drools on key board- ah shoot! Oh well.
Anyways, she and I also have divorced parents and our moms
are both married. Well, her mom is getting a second
divorce which is really stupid if you ask me. Oh and we
both absolutely HATE HATE HATE HATE her little brother
Ian. God Ian's a little twirp! Jeez! Well, anyways, I'll
keep this updated (hopefully) and I'll add more later.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~later that year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I'm growing away from KK too. It's so sad. I went to her mom's house
twice over the weekend. Seperate months of course. And I have found
that I do not like her mom at all. All her mom does is yell. It's
sad. I feel awful when I go over there. And her mom yells about
nothing important. I feel so bad when it happens. I hate yelling.
But KK's having a b-day party this weekend and I'm not sure I can
go. I have a youth group lock in and I have to work this weekend. V.
sad. So I'm gonna have to tell her to try to make it at a time when
I can go. enuff for now! bye
gosh her B-day party was so much fun! I met John who's hilarious.
and he and Brian started acting like they were partners. That was
killer. YG was fun too. No Curtis *tear*. Well anyways, she and I
have really been growing apart since then. Sorta sad, but hey,
there's always a chance. well, more later.

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