My Stupid Life
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2002-09-06 20:00:05 (UTC)

1st up, Brian!

What is there to say about Brian? Alot. He and I met
ooooooohhhh, let's see. Last year at the beginning of
school at VB. I'm pretty sure that either Mel or Erin
introduced us. I'm not sure we clicked right away. I think
that was later during the "Poke Wars." That's gonna be a
whole seperate page coming soon. Well, it ended up that he
and I started poking each other and then we realized that
we had 6th and 7th period with each other. So we talked
more and more. Expecially when we had the two long term
substitutes in there. Totally off the subject, I miss you
Mr. Sorrell! That's gonna be a page too. Anyways, we
realized that we had alot in common. He loves to write, I
love to write. He likes to draw, I like to draw, but all
of my drawings suck (unlike his). We like to read, like
some of the same songs, and we both LOVE sugar! But there
was two things I never shared his love for. 1 Anime. I
never understood why anyone would like that. and 2 His ex-
gf of 6 years Rachel. She always seemed so pessimistic.
She hated almost everyone and everything. So she and I
didn't get along very well. Plus, I always thought it was
disgusting when Brian and her would start cuddling. It was
very nauseating. I mean, come on. You can show affection
to each other somewhere else. But, eventually, the time
came for him to break up with her. He was very upset with
the whole ordeal because he didn't want to make her feel
bad. So I helped him through that the best I could and he
helped me when I was mad at my dad. I also introduced him
to Natalie, his new girlfriend. They met first at my
birthday party this year and I guess it was love at first
sight, cuz not much later I got an email from him saying
that he was going out with her. Well, I was stupid and a
little rash and started yelling at him. I told him I would
never talk to him again. Well, that really upset him and I
felt bad and so I just apologized and told him to go out
with her. I am very pleased to say that he is going out
with her now and has been all summer. Yay for them!
Anyways, he and I talked and talked and became closer and
closer. Today, we are more like brother and sister than
anything. I guess that's why Erin and Mel always tease me.
Either they're jealous or just plain mean. They always say
that I like him, but I don't. It really hurts my feelings. I don't
want to like him either. I mean,
he's a great guy and all, but there are tons of reasons
why I shouldn't like him. 1.He has a girlfriend. A very
good friend of mine too. 2.Friends would tease me like
they do now. Stupid jerks. 3.He's more like my brother
than anything. How would you feel if you started liking
your brother? It's sick and wrong.
4.I'd rather not ruin our friendship. I mean, Rachel and
him still hang out, but it's kinda awkward and Rachel
seems to be trying to forget they broke up and has been
acting all depressed and stuff. It's rather annoying.
~~~~~~~~~~~~later the same year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
So lately, he and I have been growing apart. Very sad. He and I
still talk, but we aren't hanging out as much. Sad sad sad. I'm
growing away from all of my friends. Waaaa! More later. Bye!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~later the same year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
other that as soon as I turn 18 (he's older so it'll be my birthday
present), we're going to go together and mebbe w/Erin and get
matching tattoos to prove our everlasting friendship! I better
remember it! It's important to me.

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